Jul 15, 2006

A voting system with the same principles as Bumpbox that worked on Blogger were something i was recently thinking in, and well, the first one of it´s kind that works Blogger seems to be this, more important is that it not only offers the option for the kind of vote button you want like shown here:

but that it offers the css file for the Vote Button to whoever want to grab it and hosting it elsewhere to have your own look specifications.

This service offers a specific version for wordpress and a custom version to modifcate that is the one that works with Blogger of course.

So, i took the time to make you and aready adjusted custom version that works with Blogger, that really only needs the Blogger $tags$ to work:


Copy the code below

<script type="text/javascript">
link_url = "<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>";
title= "<$BlogItemTitle$>";
site_url = "<$BlogURL$>";
type = "box";
customcss = "none";
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.bumpbox.com/beta/bbxbeta.js"></script>


Go to Settings - Template and then look for the place where you want it to appear, (in this case it would be recomended for it be at the post footer)

Paste the code there and that´s it.


In this case the only Bad/Good thing is that to vote the user has to have a account in Bumpbox.


This is Good because that way people cannnot abuse that easy of the system and having an account in bumpbox will also give them a My Bumps list holding everything that they gave their good mark for, like in Digg and other Systems like it being able to track those items.


This is Bad because that way if they are not signed in they will have to sign in there.


An added perk for using Bumpbox is that everytime someone Bump a post whenever that be, it appears in the general Bumpbox Board giving you some posible extra traffic.

So the only shortcoming i see for the system is that the service work in the behalf of the user only, and it works in a public way for the Blog Bumpbox user.

Wich means that the Bumpbox user that has a blog cannot opt for a RSS feed, for remote checking and to have the option to play with it, for example, to have a lastes bumped items.

This also means that for the moment you cannot think right now of having a widget for doing the same from the Bumpbox Service.

But this observations are really just nitpicking about it because this is easy to fix, if they get a claim this blog into the system that will get you added features and tools.


This is a Blogger Testblog with Bumpbox enabled:

Blumpbox Blogger Blog


Ease Of Use: 10.0
Reliability: 9.0
Features: 8.0

Score: 9.0



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