Jul 19, 2006

A very simple curiosity, the option to have a animated feedroll in your sidebar or to carry as a badge anywhere else.

However, i can think of others ways to use it.

But first, have a go at it, as it is in here:

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Aditya said...

Formatting options for the display would sure bake my cookie! But in its current form, it looks too cluttered!

I'd rather use a marquee with syndications from RSS2JSON using XOXO. Complicated, but can be formatted/designed like hell!

Avatar said...

Indeed, Aditya, the problem with these kind of tools is always customization, and yeah, i know that a rss2json would do great, but one thing is to have like one feed, and other lets say to have 100 feeds, it would not only get complicated, it would mean people would have to WORK,

that is a no,no,no in Slackerland.

Venkataramani said...

This is cool. I have been looking for a way to show the latest posts from my favourite blogs in my sidebar. But this seems to take only one feed. Is there any other tool that can work with multiple feeds?

I tried google reader's "share your labels" option but it behaves wierdly showing old posts before new ones.

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