Jul 7, 2006
Bloggeratto has reached v0.2 with not that much differences from v0.1 and here it is the changelog:

Bloggeratto v0.2


- Some Bug fixes
- Removal of Gaby De Wylde Categories v1
- Re-Adjustment of the blog.
- Deactivation of Commenters Photos
- Deactivation Of Quoting System

New Features:

- Cocoment integration
- Asynchonic Comment Form
- Recently Updated post list, ( that uses the Blogger Rss feed)
- Custom Yutter Reader Counter

however since i did´t put the list of the v0.1 here it is:

Bloggeratto v0.1


- General Script Stability
- Adjustment of GDW categories v1
- General Adjustment of the blog


- Native Blogger search
- Multi-Purpose [TAG]
- Peek-a-Boo Hovering Blogger Nabvar
- Video [tag] for Comments
- Quoting System
- Ghostbar
- Commenters Photos
- Comment Numbering
- Comment Author Highlighting

And finally how it opened to public as Zero

Bloggeratto v.0.01


Bloggeratto Minimatik

( modification of a Thur template that is based in the blogger minima, even if the actual designer still deny it)


- GDW Categories v1
- In-line Peek-a-boo Comments
- In-line Peek-a-boo Backlinks
- In-line Peek-a-boo Comment Form
- Comments Image [tag]
- Expandable Post Zone Script


I will Add the complete list inside the Blogger Template statement later on so, it can bee seen what is inside the Blog every month.

In future posts refering to Bloggeratto version status, of course i will only refer to the version in question.

On the Road to v0.3

I am loking forward to v0.3 becuase that one will have lots of changes again:

-New Categories
-Tag Index
-New Comment funtions
-New Template Skin
-New Logo
-New general Features.

So, stay tuned


Aditya said...

You forgot to mention New Jokes on that list! :)

Avatar said...

@Aditya: That would be a Overstatement


phydeaux3 said...

v0.2 is working much better for me. The download time on v0.1 was killing me on dialup.

And I never liked the commenters photos bit, it's a cool hack don't get me wrong (I forget is that Singpolyma's?) but some of you guys are startling to see. :-)

Avatar said...

@Phydeaux3: i know, i know, v0.1 was like broadband only, i think that caused migration of readers directly to the feed. :P

And about the commeters photos, you are right not everyone is as handsome as me. that can result in unbalance of the comments.

However, i do like that hack, i will be reactivating it vor v0.3 but way more slick than last time.

Better times are yet to come.

Gaby de Wilde said...


Avatar said...

hehehe.. Gaby De wylde is in da house... and thanks for showing up with what i think is a reference to the commenter photo thing...i mean, i try to guess that the joke is about that...

Avatar said...

oh yeah, what i was thinking...


Avatar said...

That commet editing sure is cool to have at the dashboard.


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