Jul 29, 2006
Ok, this is not a Slackerscript, this is more like a Oddscript (it exist just becuase it could be done) that my cranky pal Phydeaux3 has done just because he could (duh!) and to have something to shut up some people (don´t ask)

The concept is very simple, in blogger you have a limit range in wich you can date your posts, this script breaks the limits giving you the freedom to post from the distant future or from the distant past.

See?,i said it was odd.

However, i myself are responsable to have advised many times to mess with the dating system in blogger to make certain things possible, that is why i am buzzing this, i put the money where my mouth is.

So here is the script link:

Phydeaux3 Time Warp GM Userscript

And to read all the detail on the script please go visit that old man in this Post


Aditya said...

Ok! please do not tell me your next post is going to be the difference between Slackerscript/Oddscript/Hackscript/Thisscript/Thatscript...

Yea, this one has been a bit of an oddball, hasn't it! C'mon, buckle up your pants ... old man! (look who's talking Avatar! Hehe! :D)

Avatar said...

To what old man are you referencing Kiddo?

And no, i will not do a post for that, is not needed.. it is explained in the post itsel.

No, go and sip on some kool-aid or something.


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