May 1, 2006
This blog you are seeing sure looks incredibly simple, doesn't it? It looks clear, bright and taken to the very edge of what minimum is. Right?

Not a chance.

Think again, and look a little into the code to see that the inner working of this blog is intensive besides what is seen on the surface. That was my purpose all along, that in its first month, it would look this simple. But besides that, This first post is more to give you welcome to this blog. In this blog i plan to post everything about Blogger blogs.

From the services that can be used along and inside the blog, to the hacks that can improve it and change its functionality. In the middle of all that, posting detailed how-to's, tutorials, hack revisions, blog reviews, resources, mods, tips, etc.

At this, a lot of you will be thinking:

How many times we have read that statement only to be left at the first month, or third months tops without anything to read? How many of this kind of blogs results in scams that only buzz link others and place all kinds of ads everywhere? And what you have to offer that the other 2 big Blogger Blogs scene blogs that we are used to read don't?

I can answer that very quickly:

1. Too many times. But since I am a long, long time blogger that should not be a concern, and I am here for the long haul.

2. Also too many, but all of those blogs are mostly spam blog or replicated blog, and as you can look, this is not a replication or a spam blogs, and to end this point, this blog will never use Adsense.

3. Easy, I plat to cover what they don't cover and to do things in a another way than the way they conduct things.

So lets get started?

Welcome to Bloggeratto.


phydeaux3 said...

Hey Craffter,

So this is it huh? Looks excellent. Layout is great. Interesting stuff you've implemented. Glad I can finally see what you've been up to. Great job!

Avatar said...

yeah, this is the start of it. and it means a lot to me coming from you. i remember starting asking for advise in truckspy and playing with the 3 col minima of yours.

i am waiting for your new category delicious rewrite. i want to apply them as sub categories.

thanks for stoping by K!

Avatar said...


Camp Cool HC said...

I'm so glad you're here! Camp Cool, the blog I write for, needs help. According to our stats, we are getting few repeat visitors. This is disappointing, since much research and care goes into each and every entry. Like your blog, Camp Cool is a "labor of love" and was not intended to bring in loads of money. As a result, only one measly Adsense ad is posted but, apparently, it's never been clicked through! No one even leaves comments! I'm hoping that, with your advice, I can improve the blog so that it becomes a "must-read" for Camp Cool's key demographic of 13 -23 year-olds. Thanks for starting Blogeratto!

Avatar said...

Camp Cool Hc, i must say that i saw you blog, i liked the Mexican support so i will E-mail you the Ten most basic pointers ever.

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