Aug 13, 2006
Until this past friday i was not only happy that i never got one of those nasty Blogger Downtime troubles but even cocky for been without a scratch for so many years.

Oh boy, i guess this is like practicing medicine, you are not a real doctor unless you have the burden of having lost a battle.

And in this case, you are not a Blogger-Blogger unless you have experienced some nasty Downtime that affected your blog.

How it happened?, well i was publisihng this friday post (cosmobox) and as i always do, i republished my blog completely two times in a row.

(that is actually a good practice and i recommend it)

And Bam, my blog appeared...GONE?

That means that the blog was there only showing the blogger navbar and a white space, i would have taken a photo but i really don´t want to remember it that well, so i didn´t

I didn´t knew what it was, i thought that maybe it was a database thing like when you publish a post and the post appear a time later into the blog. so given that it was really late i paid no mind to it and waited until next day.

I came back and the blog was not up, i looked into the template and it seemed fine, until i scrolled down and half the template was nowhere to be seen, cut in half in the middle of a script.

And this is when i really must recommend you all to back up your blog template every week if you do changes to it often and once a month if you dont change it too often.

If you have writely, use writely, if you have a geocities/googlepages account, have it there so you can edit it often, and if you dont have any of that, use your yahoo/live/gmail e-mail account to store a copy of it in a .txt file.

I was not really that worried because i knew i had a back up from a month before, until i realized it was on the laptop i literally used to death recently.

So my only back up was from two months ago, and given i am into the game of Blogger Hacking , the changes in it are huge just from a month to another.

So, there you go, it happens to the best of us, and i dont mean just me, i also say it because of those other Hackers of the Bleet that i know have been on that road.

I will not name them, but they will know am refering to them when they read this.

Ah i guess the honeymoon is finally over...


Efendi said...

hah! there you go! that's the same as mine, a few weeks back :P how come suddenly your template is missing half ?! hm.. blogger ... :P
hope they will make this up, with much more good things to come ^^

and as for now, you can considered yourself as a real blogger ^^ since you've experienced these thing ^^ :lol:

hehehe ... paz ^^

Avatar said...

yeah, yeah, what a drag, and i am gald you found it that funny... you are sooo heartless.. ;)

Anonymous said...

YEah your blog was out all saturday.

I thought that you were working some great hacks for us!

Avatar said...

@Khong: ok, let´s not was out for 10-12 hrs.

i am always looking and working, but this sure was a bummer.

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