Aug 26, 2006

You All Know that i love almost anything Feed related, and this new service is something i was waiting for.

LinkRSS is a RSS Creator, and not only that, is a easy as hell Feed Creator.

You only register, and it will let you create Link feeds, this is pretty much like a Link Saver with the straight difference that this will create a feed from that Linklist, it will let you add your description for it,and determine the order of the links in the feed.

The feeds produced by LinkRSS are not only Static feeds, but are Archive Feeds (up to this moment) wich means you can put as many items as you want into your feeds.

At the moment the service don´t has a blog or even about information of the service so lets hope they get into that soon.

If you are still wondering why this is buzzed here, lets start with the most obvious things you can do with LinkRSS that you can use in and for your Blog: LinkRolls and Blogrolls that as you know have their own feed....



Chubbs said...

I think these types of services are important, even though the short-term relevance isn't apparent: It's one of those services that is going to help bring RSS more mainstream.

Good find!

Avatar said...

@chubbs: yes they are important, i like the idea.more than bringing RSS to the mainstream, is about new options, new paths to follow.

P.S: nasty database crash chubss..

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