Aug 8, 2006

This is a very quick and easy method so anyone can enjoy even more using Bumpbox.

As you know i have talked about it two times before and i have made two Demos in blogger besides adding it myself.

I am still going to play with the css of the thing, so this is not the final look for it, but in the meantime i decided i wanted to have a Digest with the most Bumped Bloggeratto posts.

So, to start with it go to your Bumpbox page wich you can acces from your view popular link in your own Bumpbox button and grab your feed link, open a new tab and go to Feedigest

where if you have a account already first sign in, and if you don´t have it, just add the feed in the front page as is told and then follow the page instructions.

You will get the Digest options for it and in it you only need to make sure you put the order of the feed option like this:

Choose it that way so you don´t alter or screw the order from the bumpbox feed that mantains the most bumped item at the top of the feed at all times.

After that you choose how many items you want displayed from 1 to 10 and everything else you need, that dont matter.

Then when you get to the Digest layout/Template section click on the manual edit and fill it like this:

End your Feedigest account Registration and then just go to your Blogger template and add that code whenever you want it in your sidebar making sure you have it styled as your other sidebar strips.

Republish and you are done.

You have a Bumpbox Digest for your sidebar that will show the bumpbox extra information when someone hovers the link.

The extra information will show how many times it has been bumped every item

Try it right here in this blog to check it out.



Chubbs said...

Hey, that's pretty cool. I excites me to see people using BumpBox with other solutions. I suppose you could call it a mashup, eh?

Avatar said...

Glad you liked it chubbs, and yeah it could be considered a mashup. feel fre to link it :P

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