Aug 28, 2006

You think Widgets are all the rage now?, you have no idea... vista will bring widgets to the masses next year, widget engines in browsers will be the commonplace starting next year and even Blogger is now using it as part of it´s layout engine.

So, as with RSS and Podcasting, Widgets will be the third thing most common next year.

That and more,make the sprout of a widget only directory like something natural and even obvious in a "that didn´t take long" sense.

Widgetbox takes the directory angle and push it into a web 2.0 edge where it has a community drive in the form of rating, classification and tools to makes things almost Foolproof for anyone to add a widget to their blog, or to add a widget to the directory.


The directory is young, the idea is good, the execution is ok, so let´s hope it evolves nicely and everyone can take advantage of it as most as possible.


Chubbs said...

Wow, very cool!

Avatar said...

@Chubbs: yeah, it is something to watch for.

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