Aug 30, 2006
100 posts seems like nothing for most, and maybe they are right. But not if they are the first 100 posts in a Blog. Anyone is more than capable of being able to Define a new Blog in just 100 posts.

For the most part, i think i have defined it well; Bloggeratto is all about The Bloggerosphere. the only focus of this blog is content that is either truly useful to the Bloggerosphere or that rely on something about the Blogger platform itself.

I am closing in to reach the first four months of this blog, and even if i have not reached my premarked goals becuase of Falling sick ,Work , the fall of yutter and Sudden Changes of plans i have enjoyed my experience with this blog a lot.

I have made good friends thanks to it, and i have learned new things from it.

And the most important part is knowing there are readers that like the blog they way i like to manage it.


What i am looking forward from this point on?

4.-Upgrade the blog.
5.-Increase Activity.

But most of all just to go on with it.


Chubbs said...

Congratulations Avatar! Your blog is a great resource for those in the Blogger scene and the Web 2.0 scene.

I can't wait to see what comes next.

Avatar said...

Thanks Chubbs, and what comes next, is even more fun than what i had so far.

oh and your Database Crashed again..

ricardo said...


Avatar said...

Thanks Rick

Efendi said...

happy 100th post !!!! ^^

Avatar said...

Thanks Efendi.

KCA said...

100 posts... yeah but 100 usefuls posts without the birdtalks.;)

Avatar said...


Hah, thanks.

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