Aug 23, 2006

This Monday at the Flock Offical Blog Erwan Loisant, let know to all Flockers (like myself), that Blogger had discontinued and deactivated the Atom Api Entirely In Favor of the GData Api Just Announced In Blogger Buzz last week.

The funny note i find in this is that the Flock time must be really busy to not have the Blogger Buzz Feed in the Flock Reader....hehehe

(i am just joking Erwan.. i am a huge Flock fan)

That means that you will not be able to post to Blogger directly from your Flock browser at the moment, so i guess the change to the Gdata Api will be effective on the next Flock version wich would be 0.75 if they don´t decide launch a new fix for 0.74.


Efendi said...

uh... oh... i'm a flocker too (now :P) and that's thanks to ... uhm... you ;)

Avatar said...

thats the spirit!!

hehehe, yeah the good thing is that new flock build should be 2 weeks away at most..

that will also have that memory leaking fix that they brought along from the firefox code..

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