Aug 31, 2006

Ah, the maximum irony of Gmail, is that it is truly the geekest e-mail service there is and to archive that it does things the other services don´t but it also refuses to do things that even Aol mail can do.

One of those things is graphic signatures and animated signatures.

So, you can´t have your Feedbuner headlines Signature or place your own custom made Signature.

And the final truth is that you can´t have it directly.

But Amit Garwal had the Eureka idea of triying something so that you can have it indirectly, and it´s so easy to do, you will not belive you didn´t thought of it.

The basic concept is that if you compose something and have it online, then you only need to drag it to your compose window in gmail and it will show up fine.

But it is better to read it from the method maker:

How to Add HTML Signatures with Images to GMail Email Messages

There you go, now you can Pimp your blog in Gmail as it should be.

*Update: To make better use of this old trick you should be able to easily compose a html page in geocites or googlepages and then bookmark it directly in your browser for when you are using your gmail.


Wormbrain said...

I hate to say it, but this article does not really deliver as promised.
You have to manually drag and drop your signature into the message each and every time you send a new message. Not really convenient.
The original poster JUST discovered the old "drag and drop" trick, that's all. That's been around since they invented the mouse.

Avatar said...

Yeah, that is why i say that the final truth is that you can have it directly, it should be easier if you just pump your signature in a googepages/geocites page and bookmark it in your browser so you can drag a drop what you need in the moment..

angood blog wormbrain, and thanks for visiting.

If i may suggest you to add a feed autodiscovery code into it?. in anyway i have you tagged.

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