Aug 1, 2006
As Reported on Freshblog By John (or Fresh John?) there yet another Categories Hack option for the Bloggerosphere to consider.

Done by Caramuel From Biominds, who took inspiration by the Blogger Toggle System, mostly now and a Blogger Show/hide that is at Blogger Help and from there he just pushed it with some Javascript to do his bidding.

Well, the results are quite good and can be seen at:

Categorize where he not only posts the tutorial so you can have them but also serves as demo, even if his actual Blog has them too of course.

Creating Dynamic Categories In Blogger

And if you suddenly feel you have seen something sort of like it, i will explain hopefully tomorrow why you are having that feeling.

(And, no i am not implicating nothing related to this actual hack at all, just to have this clear)


khong co ai said...

Hey! This hack is really bad, but bad, and when i say bad, i mean: solid!

But i quite tired now, to re up date all my blogs, and i think i will stay with Phideau' hack.

Avatar said...

yes, it is quite interesting but please wait up and check the posts from today.

Avatar said...

and besides Khong, inf you are over the 100 posts, this is not for you. this is more for starting blogs.

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