Aug 25, 2006

You feel brave today? you got into Blogger v3.0 already but miss your old template?.

Well, Michael From Basang Panaginip can help you out with what is without a doubt the first High Profile to be used with Blogger v3.0.

(am also glad to know that he also calls it that)

This method will allow you to use a Blogger v2.0 Template in Blogger v3.0 without losing the most important feature in it: LABELS.

So, if you have just arrived in beta, and you find yourself in a Minima Template again and your face goes blank just by thinking how much time you invested in your old template, then this is a method you will like.

So, why don´t you head over there and check it out?

How to add Categories to your sidebar using Blogger Beta

*And just as a cautionary note: even if the posibility is remote, this could damage your template once they release the Html editor and Blogger v3.0 is launched, so please Backup your template before atempting this method


Efendi said...

Blogger v3.0

huh ? where did that came from ¿ another conspiracy theory ¿ :P

Avatar said...

heh...funny Efendi

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