Aug 2, 2006

I Remember when Meebo was launched, it really shocked me to see how good it was compared to what was before it. and what was before it?

A very unaltered web 1.0 e-messenger that just rested on it´s userbase without thinking on the future.

Entered Meebo, and the everything changed, an i mean everything in the Web Multi IM messaging changed, i mean E-messenger then rushed and turned into E-buddy, ImHAHA launched triying to step into Meebo footsteps and Google launching Gmail-Chat are proof that it was not only a relevant Tech, but also a excellent executed old concept.

Well, now Meebo is turning into another field to rock on, and that is the Embeded Chat Niche wich is a almost new field anyway, where they are only competing against Chatango ( ireally recommend you reading that entry too) and a just not yet released 3Bubbles.

And they have released Meebome! wich is a Embeded Flash Chat Client that you can put into your blog and that is offering you a very stable and already known powerful system. and the kicker is that not long ago Meebo started to accept Account registration offering not only chat logs,automatic login and a Meebo profile.

Well, that is also into this Flash client, you will be chatting with your Meebo id and i can already guess that they will launch a social system for it in the same vein that chatango has done it.

Meebome, lets you have an account and your chat window in less than 5 minutes, and also has a very open exchange of what they want with the system on the Meebo blog, and the fisrt big promise is in:

Meebome! is going to evolve fast and will allow not only offline messaging and one on one chats, they weill unveil group chat and several other upgrades.

Just that anouncement from a app with a day from being released is what sold me on it.

The client has size options and there are buttons to promote it.

Right now, i will be sincere, Chatango is a superior service to Meebome, becuase the status button, the userpage and the desktop client.

But if Meebome! delivers group chat before they do and release their own versions of Chatango features. they are doomed.

And that is just what i think it will happen, because even if the app chatango offer is superior they are terrible at PR and support, and they really can´t say that their service is stable or that they have the leverage that Meebo has with their big userbase, great design an brand Mindshare.

So i will add it to Bloggeratto next week.

In the meantime you can check the MeeboMe Chat below:



Dirty Butter said...

I see several hacks already I want to come back and try!

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Avatar said...

sure thing Rosemary, i will have a look at it.. and i am glad you liked the Blog.

Anonymous said...

meebo is fantastic, I get like 100 IM's per min now. But you log off after you complain I don't reply?? I'm here, was just away for 10 min.


Avatar said...

yeah, tooold you so. i was right again...anyone would think that i get tired of been right, but not a chane of that i tell you.. ;)

Mike said...

very nice app. the problem is that sites like myspace will eventually begin to block such widgets and develop thier own.

Anonymous said...

check out other IM apps also.

Anonymous said...

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