Aug 30, 2006

After yutter crashed and burned becuase of the incompentence of it´s host, besides having lost a momentum and almost 50 readers in just a blink of an eye,i was in a positon where i needed to choose some other service against my will, becuase yutter was the best there it was.

I Re-Reviewed the options and i was underwhelmed that i didn´t found anything close to yutter, until today that Feedburner posted that they had upgraded the Feedburner Email Service.

I guess this means that Feedburner is going all the way on the Feed To Mail Race too, and here is what they added to it:


1.-Custom E-mail Branding.

Now you can add your logo and customize how you want your e-mails look all the way to the color and style of the text.

2.-Custom Confirmation Message

Feedburner always sent a confirmation message as all of the other services does, but now that confirmation message will be able to double funtions and serve as a introduction message you can customize to your linking.

3.-Custom Schedule Syndication

This is a huge feature, now feedburner will post under a timeframe every day that you can select, so if you use to post under certains hrs, then you would want to move the clock to when your are sleeping, Why?, very simple, as i said this will allow you a time window to be able to edit your post if needed so that the edit can catch your e-mail readers too.


1.-A new name, one word name

I mean i prefer Burnvelopes or Feedelopes to having to say that long boring name.

2.-it´s own chiclet

Now they started competing in the Feed To Mail niche, the service needs it´s own count and to make sure that the count from it is not taken in consideration to the regular feed count.

3.-Service Stats

Feedburner is all about stats, and it´s what pays the bills to them, why not to add stats to this service?

4.-Service control

The ability to download the subscriber list, and been able to add user or confirm them if needed.

The New Stuff seems Familiar

Yeah, yutter had it all of that and better with the only exception i must note and give credit to feedburner:

Custom E-mail Editing.

That is a winner feature and a really cool one.


Feedburner Email Service IS the best there is right now, i will update the Feed To Mail Services post soon and add the services in that niche and the updates to the reviews.

But in the meantime you can start subscribing and Re-subscribing right away with the Feedburner Form in this blog.


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