Aug 7, 2006
Some of the problems of actually setting a Comments Feed in blogger are not actually doing it, there has been some clever workrounds like using a separate blog to send the comments from a gmail account, other was actually using a gmail account and some Blogger $Tags$ to make it appears as wanted, using a mail to feed service, using a google group and a solution i came up with that was using a Mail-Im-Feed solution that worked quite well, but the services are not really that dependable.

And then we had Singpolyma Ning App Called Blogger Recent Comments that when it launched seemed like we have been looking for, but even if it did it very well, there still was the problem that i had to solve.
That the comments were still correctly displayed, becuase most of the others solutions the feed looks off.

That was not a problem of stephen app,problem was that the comments must be lifted from the blog, so that means that if there are a lot of action in your template or it has a strange configuration it was most likely that your comment feed still looked wrong.

Stephen has upgraded his service and i am going to go testing it tomorrow to see how it comes off.

So, if you want to give it a go visit the Ning app here

Blogger Recent Comments

And to get the details of the upgrade just go to stephen Blog


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