Aug 24, 2006

Someone asked me over the Bloggeratto Chat if there was other Blogger JobBoard, and the answer is:

Yes, that would be Performancing Exchange:

Performancing Exchange is a classifieds style marketplace for the professional blogging community. It's free for now, and you can create an exchange post here

This JobBoard got first into the game, but it´s growth has been pretty much slower and even that Performancig is quite a known Firefox Blogging extension, their others services and tools are not that well known.

So, the main differences it has with Problogger JobBoard is that it´s is not as spread, visible and targeted like the one from Darren Rowse but this is compensated at the moment with a free use of it and community voting buttons for the jobs posted.

So, i think is as good as the one in ProBlogger.

So if you wanna check it out, just go here: Performacing Exchange


Anonymous said...

Avatar, now i really get worried, because there is too much bullsh*t in the blogosphere, and we really need to reverse the consensus made by these "Blogger Coachs".

Anybody will not make many with their blog, and at the end for 95% of the "bloggers", it will be a waste of time.
But for sure, if it is just made by pleasure, hobby or anything like this, so at the end for 100% of the blogger, it will be a great experience.

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