Aug 31, 2006
Ramani E-mailed me with the news that he is getting into the new Blogger full force, and in the meantime while he is learning the stuff,he managed to do his First Blogger v3.0 Hack:

Drop Down Labels

So, if you like Drop Downs, you will only have to follow the easy tutorial Ramani has written for all of us.

Keep it up Ramani!


Ricardo Santos said...

nice one!
tried it already on my beta test blog, but(isnt there always a but) any chance of just displaying the title of a post instead of the full post, if someone has 50 posts in one category you have to go through the whole 50 posts.

Normally we can see what the post is about by looking at the post title, i think just having the title would look better and pratical

Ramani said...

Thanks Avatar! Ricardo, as i replied in my blog, this hack doesn't show post titles, only label names.

Ricardo Santos said...


i understood the hack, i was kind of leaving a suggestion for a possible future hack :), when selecting a label/category the results now show the "full" posts,
i think it is better to browse the results by post title.

Sorry if i wasnt explicit enough, english not my native language.

Avatar said...


I guess that what he means is why not a option in a label that expand the list of post in that label, with the option to follow and call the post in that label or going for one that you found interesting on the list.

and if that is not what he wants, that is what i want, just to see if it´s possible.

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