Aug 30, 2006
This is almost a Off Topic Post, but since someone( and given it was someone i am a huge fan of ) told me that he liked the Web 2.0 Explanation that i gave in The New Blogger Reality post:

Web 2.0 is a web fueled by and for the people while using web powered apps and services to interact with each other at the same time they are empowering themselves.

Because in Web 1.0, content was served and the user was powered by web services without the chance of using the service back to conect to other people using it and to improve the actual service or use the service to create other services powered by the user.

The final Philosophy of what Web 2.0 must be is that every web service should let itself evolve into a ecosystem in wich the users interact with each other and let the users interconect that service into another to extend it and to give context to it in the internet.


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