Aug 9, 2006
Ramani let me know about his new hack two days ago, so yes i am late on this but on the good side of things i got into a talk with him about and he added even more to the post, so is good to be able to Buzz it now that it is more complete.

Well, as the title of this post says this hacks puts related (from mid to very related) posts into your blog, so if you are writing about something you can have other interesting buzz from beyond the Bloggerosphere.

In any way this hack may be in some more progress from ramani that always likes to have fun like this.

So, if you want to have something to get a little more "push" that what you have now to put relevant information, this is the hack for you.

And the output of those relevant post will look somewhat like this:

And now after a quick update from ramani there is also a bookmarklet that will work for any blog even if it don´t has this hack, so you can now get relevant posts at any time you want from your browser.

You just need to click it and will direct you to some relevant posts with a window like this:

One very important note is that this will only work on the item page, wich means the actual article post page.

And you can find all the details about in this Post


Gaby de Wilde said...

my version works for all posts on the frontpage to. :)

Avatar said...

i know that, i intentionally suggested ramni tackling it since he was releasing something alredy lateral to that.

But how about doing a separate post to implement the related post in your blog?

And please do it in time, becuase i have decided that next week is Gaby De Wilde Galore at Bloggeratto..


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