Aug 23, 2006

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger, is following the trend of the promotors like Michael Arrington , so of course he is also doing a JobBoard of his own, and he is just letting you all know that you can score some cash out of it too.

So, if you always wanted to Blog full time for yourself and don´t mind to also do it for others, here is your chance to go for it.

So take a look to it Here and here


Chubbs said...

Talk about jumping on the bandwagon! It seems like everybody and their uncle is starting a job board.

Avatar said...

Yeah, like i am gonna belive Darren just got into it just because he had a morning revelation that 52 reviews shared at the same moment...

i mean, ok, but at least he waited to check if the crunchboard wera a success.

If i get to my goals of this year, maybe i should do one like this, a jobboard-hireacoder-blogging mesh.

Anonymous said...

You going to spam blog now?

Avatar said...


Not at all.

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