Aug 2, 2006
And i hope it is something Great.

Blogger Status just had a update, nothing really new about that it happens all the time.

But Phydeaux3Noted that in one of those always beloved error messages Blogger Gives from time to time (ok, beloved only by the Bleet, since they always reveal something) there was a ip change that now pointed to a google branded server.

Why would that be interesting if Blogger is part of google?, no, it was not, they bought it but google practices differ strongly from say yahoo, that always redirects their buyouts to their Yahoo branded servers, Google don´t does that right away. and that was always my complain since they bought Blogger, becuase they treated it like if it were a stepchild or something.

But something is changing and now the ip change for the moment also allows China to connect to blogspot once again. not that it will last more than a month at most for them but that is also interesting. and they have not only changed the ip for the platform, they changed it even for Blogger Photos. wich i can see as a oportunity to integrate it to a not really that secret full revamp of picasa that is in place from some months now.

But why would Google feels inclined to change just now?, maybe because MS is now Awake and the initiatives are at full steam. just today Live Spaces was launched and let me tell you, it can kick Myspace from surpassing them if they play their cards right.

Mostly becuase has one clear advantage to MySpace and Blogger, it is truly GLOBAL with all the letters. just in Asia they are eagerly awaiting their turn that should come at any minute now from MSN Spaces To Live Spaces, so if Spaces had 100 million accounts from the last report from january, i can easily expect it to go to 150 million in the next Report in January of 2007.

And belive me, Live Spaces will never be blocked in china, since China representatives actually do quite a lot of biz with MS.

So, is now in 2006 or never for Blogger to upgrade and retain their Blog leadership.

Since Spaces is not a Blog platform, it is a Hublog platform like Myspace and Tagland.

And then we have the wordpress warning, Wordpress growth have been booming since other huge lot of small blogging Platform are diying everyday, and since they tried something away from the common choices, those millions of user are not coming to Blogger because they can see that there has not been any major upgrade that call them to do so, instead they are seeing and their hosted version as a choice.

More now than ever since Yahoo is offering Hosted Wordpress soulution integrations into their packages.

So, as Aditya is also pointing out, something must happen as soon as possible.


Efendi said...

yeah yeah, hopefully somethin good will kick out from google, and blogger

i've experienced somethin bad due to this 'up 2 somethin' i've lost my template, can't logged in, etc.

hm... but as we are a faithfull fellow of blogger, so i'll stay on blogger no matter what ;) hehehe... surelly this blogger will improved much much better :D

Avatar said...

That is the idea Efendi, as i aid, is this year or never to do it.

and, yes i will stay loyal to blogger unless the platform stops to be open.

Gaby de Wilde said...

Here is my/the "unknown" picasaweb thing.

also, this is pretty unknown but fun

It's a yahoo 360 blog on the geo page. (duh)

Avatar said...

Well Gabs , i know about the picasa thing, too but it is another upgrade besides the albums. think in yet more "integrations"

And about Geocities, yes i have seen that.. but oh man oh man, it seems you don´t know the other cool tricks about the new geocities..

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