Aug 3, 2006
This morning as always i checked the yutter chiclet and it was down. i tried to go to Yutter and i saw

We are currently experiencing some severe downtime.. read the details on the article at Be sure to DIGG the article!.

The story is that Steadfast that is yutter host screw up or decided to erase some root folders, and they erased Yutter.

And they dare to have the slogan "Steadfast, Keeping You Connected" , to wich should be added "---Until We Decide To Take You Down"

This means that yutter is gone for the moment, i at this moment have not talked to David B. about it, but let´s hope this can be reversed as soon as posible.

I apologize to everyone of my E-mail readers, and i please ask, that if you were one of them, e-mail me so i can re-add you if needed.

This really,really sucks.

In the meantime there nothing to do but wait for David to be able to resurrect Yutter.

I will keep you pòsted.


David said...


Doesn't look good at the moment. Lost the backup's and everything. Steadfast can recover it, but they are choosing not to. I'll keep ya posted!

Aditya said...

Hate it when Hosts screw up! Any guesses as to when this will be back up?

Avatar, David, Steadfast, anyone?

Avatar said...

oh, yeah Aditya this, sucks hard.. it was a huge blow....oh man.

i will still wait until monday to see what happens..

And thanks for stoping by David. we will wait for your update.

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