Aug 19, 2006
Bloggeratto broke the 100 Feed readers Mark at the start of the week, so what are you waiting to subscribe?.

Because this new start with Blogger is not only not gonna slowdown the blog.. it will thrive even harder.

So, if you are reading this post and you have a Blog in Blogger, then you will like to read this blog.



Ramani said...

Congrats, commander!

Avatar said...

Thanks Ramani. the great thing about breaking 100 is that feed adoption gains speed from them on and that i can then serves as a promotional angle.

i will be doing some pretty heavy promotion of Bloggeratto this next week besides posting 3 times a day, lots of stuff to blog on....


have a nice sunday.

Anonymous said...

I used to received your feed by mail... but no more since 2 weeks.
You should check it .

Avatar said...

Yeah, yutter crashed, and i didn´t had a copy of the log either, so i didn´t knew who were on it.

I will replace the mail to feed service this week.

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