Aug 16, 2006
First Shock, then some Thinking and now i am ready to talk about being inside the damn thing itself.

This new Blogger upgrade at first look don´t really look all that amazing, but that is because we are only experiencig like a 75% of what it will be, either in actual stability, reliability and more than anything a final Setup.

Yeah, i have already read and heard all the outcry of Blogger being now barely at the level with wordpress so please don´even mention it.


KCA said...

Hm? You seems upset.

Ramani said...

Avatar, ?!?

Gaby de Wilde said...

lol, wordpress doesn't have any level. It's pathetic for 1990 standards!!

O wait there is nothing better around..... hummmm

php is a timebomb if you don't know php, I still cant take it serious.

But not being able to edit my template doesn't make me as thrilled as I should be.

I hear people say the same thing: "but I was learning css/html/javascript/ajax for my blogspot. What to do now??"

I did notice that everything works and looks perfectly in Opera 9. It may even be valid html this time lol (I didn't check).

But if you (finally) have writers burn out you can start on the blogroll. (hahaha).We also want to know every-last-detail about each-and-every service like rss mad.

that should keep you bussy. [IMG][/IMG]

Avatar said...

@kCA: if you knew what i know, you would be very upset.

Now if you read the new post you will now half of what i know.

@Ramani: the same.

@Gabs: Read the new post and please don´t even dare to try to take on me dutchman!!! ;)

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