Dec 15, 2007
not much to say n the blog status beyond what the title implies.

in the meantime, i place a little poll at the sidebar, so if you got one second to lose, please vote on it.

now for some notes:

*i want to give thanks to the comments that believe it or not even almost a year after still appear in the top ten posts and a weekly e-mail i still receive, something i find incredible too. so thank you all.

*lots of changes in blogger in the last 3 months, some of the last so called true and through Bloggers has jumped ship to Wordpress because they found it easier and because they say it gives benefits, i have found that such a thing only applies to less thant 10% of cases. and on the added benefits, now that Google said that Blogs will be added to the universal index by default i doubt the benefits will be that good when compared to Blogger. and then there is the Blogger upgrades and new features being pushed by Google at long last, something expected because Blogger along picasa are always the most relegated properties. but from what i know it seems blogger will get relevant again in lets see.

*people from the Bleet are now back in the game, from phydeaux3,to stephen and of course my friend and now not so kiddo Aditya "busy college man" Mukherjee. so why not me returning when things are finally getting interesting again?.

but when i say back in the game, i refer to Blogger based blogs, since i have been blogging most of 2007 with the last example being Widgets lab along Derek Anderson.


well, let see what the future awaits.


Deepak said...

I smell something brewing, now that much of the bleet is back :P

BTW, I voted Blogger centric, because I feel that's what made you different from others.

annie said...

I love Blogger. It is a great free platform.

Glad to see you back!!

TonNet said...

Glad to see you back Avatar! I've alredy filled out the poll. Welcome back.

Efendi said...

heh, hermano, hope it really marks the new year eh ;)

Avatar said...


yeah, there is blood spilling into the sea, sharks should get alerted and arrive into blogger. :P

and on the blogger centric vote, it seems to be the one outright winning. so, we will see.


It is, even if it is not what Evan Williams planned it to be, but there is really nothing better than it. and back into this blog, because i never truly left.

you on the other hand...glad to see you around.


thanks milton, you voted for what exactly? :P


i hope so too.

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