Apr 28, 2008

No, this is not a continuation of my own posts talking about this over a year ago. this time is coming from a member of the Digital Press at The Standard:

I've been using Blogger since 2004. As a
basic blogging platform, it works. But when I read
yet another
account of spammers taking over the service
, it made my blood boil. The
problem isn't just that Google has failed to put all of the security and
anti-spam pieces together. No, what really bothers me is Google has neglected
Blogger for years, while concentrating its efforts on newer acquisitions and
higher-profile services, such as Google Maps.

Ian is of course mildly wrong here, Google not only has neglected Blogger, it always has acted this way with acquisitions that were either not invented/developed at Google Labs or assimilated into the Google Brand. some notable mentions not including Blogger are Picasa, Dodgeball and Jaiku.

Flagrant examples of leaving properties to rot. in the case of Dodgeball the case is even more sad because one of the founders resigned angry at Google when 6 month (or so) passed without Google letting Dodgeball do anything to save themselves from irrelevancy against the monster that followed later (Twitter).

The acquisition of Jaiku is also a case of tech that has not moved anywhere. any smart web tech follower would see that in the scheme of things, Dodgeball and Jaiku could or should make a combination of some sort as a way to battle Twitter. the first option of Google when shopping around was not Jaiku but Twitter. it is said (rumors) that Evan Williams (Pyra,Blogger and Odeo) was the reason Twitter didn`t sold to Google. Evan knows pretty well how Google works better than no one and i can assure that if they had been acquired by Google, the Twitter Craze would have may never happened, it would have got called Jaiku Craze instead because of how Google Operates with Acquisitions.

The only exception being YouTube and that was because YouTube was already huge having the upper hand at the negotiation all the time.

Returning to Blogger, Ian commits another mistake in the way he points out:

Blogger is just now rolling out a feature that lets bloggers
publish in the future

Err no, testing a feature for future roll out, is not rolling it out Ian. you may want to replace "rolling out" with "testing" because it gives the impression the feature is out for all even if you are linking to the Blogger in Draft blog.

I also don`t care about the Blogger Splog controversy. i have known for a long time that Google makes a decent amount of money of Spammers and that they also used to serve another purpose.

Right now boiling all down to wanting the most needed things. i think the most needed things at Blogger are a Revamped Comment System (the truly worst part of Blogger by far) and a update to the Dashboard, Post Editor, Template Editor and Profiles.

Just making them work better and giving them a decent update to 2008. i mean, even Orkut looks better than Blogger now...


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You write very well.

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