Apr 26, 2008
From long plays to bit sized sounds

I will not deny that it has been hard to maintain my track on this blog, not because i don`t want to post in it. but because how i used to post in it. i was used to do long posts in Bloggeratto. doing long posts is no longer that cool and everyone is on the train to Blogging Economization. The downsizing of writing whatever you had in your mind into a resume of what you have in mind.

I don`t get used to the idea of that. i am trying to separate my channels of attention and expression so they don`t overlap and then i can find different angles to cast into the world.

The New New

I finally found the right way of continuing Bloggeratto plus i always have done. the first thing was to identify from where the new Blogger based talent blogs that are improving Blogger and check if they were constant enough for me to bother taking them into account then it was about the rest of the content. i have nailed it. i have found enough Blogger based Bloggers worth of my time and yours.

Blogger Fashionetti and The Re-Use of Other People Clothes.

The most dramatic change i noted in Blogger is that you can now find any Wordpress based template in Blogger or that people can port pretty much any design from Wordpress, Tumblr and elsewhere into Blogger.

While my friend Aditya would argue this means nothing. i think it is a good deal. that proves the point that sometimes the template do make the blog or help it compensate. now no one can say that Blogger don`t has the cool themes Wordpress has because Blogger users have ported the best already.

there are also wonders of adaptation and modification, from what were wordpress or tumblr templates turned into something else entirely. something i did here in Bloggeratto with the help of aditya almost two years back.

Then you got the new designs executed in Blogger blogs. i am pleased to see that there are some quite creative people that managed to make their blogger blosgs very pretty.

Blogger Concept Bloggers.

A special trait to be found more in Blogger based blogs is ultra specific Blogging. it goes beyond niche blogging, i do that in Widgets Lab and it is harder than it looks if you don`t want things to turn into infologging.

I mean Blogs about very specific things just to give some offbeat examples, i have found hundreds of these blogs in Blogger and never anywhere else. blogs blogging about Sharks, Photoshop errors, prank calls, etc,etc,etc.

That is something i also want to cover, it is that unique.

There are also concept blogs like the now inescapable Post Secret that take things further on the notion of having "unique content".

Brand Blogging

It is no news that Blogger is still the easiest to set and adapt in terms of full blown Blogging Platforms and even companies know that. from start ups to personal biz blogging. Blogger gives home to lots of them and there are some very worth noting.

Closing Up

Those are some of the points i want to take from. just figured that it would be nice to share what i was thinking lately and to confirm the blog is not dead or comatose again.


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