Jan 23, 2008

One of the things that i never had complains about Blogger is definitely its vast languages support, even from the early days, sure, it only supported 10 back then, but for back then, that was huge because it truly showed that Blogger was a global thing.

Past the support of 30 languages is where it gets though, because that means you are now supporting the languages that are without a doubt the hardest either to talk or to display languages around, either by supporting Hindi as blogger has already done or languages that are pretty much less spoken than dead languages as it is the Finnish language, but they are not the hardest to support from a display focus, the hardest are the ones that now are being incorporated to Blogger support, and that is Arabic, Persian and of course Hebrew.

They are hard not only because of the font and because they need to be rendered perfectly but because they are from right to left so everything must be adapted to that.

But now, that is water under the bridge and the support is there, a summary of what has now been incoporated to blogger can be read as follows:

Changing your language preferences and settings
To see the Blogger interface in one of these languages, just use the menu on your Dashboard. You can also choose your language on Blogger’s homepage and via the “Language” link in the footer of most pages.

Right-to-left templates
For Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew blogs, we will also rearrange your template to read more logically from right to left. So, a blog that once looked like this:

Bidirectional text editing

We’ve also added right-to-left and left-to-right buttons to Blogger’s post editor. They’ll appear if your Dashboard language or your blog’s language setting is for a right-to-left language.

A more detailed notes on the matter can be read in the Blogger Buzz


Chhorran said...


I would like to know the way to translate blogger into khmer (Cambodia) language

could you show me it

Thanks a lot

Avatar said...

Well, what i can tell you, that is going to be almost impossible to find, will still try on it, i know who to ask.

don`t promise there is though

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