Jan 23, 2008
There are many things i would like to Blog here, as i used to do, and i am gonna do them.

i will no longer set things as i am announcing them for facts, that is a very scripted thing to do, i will opt to go more for the novel aproach. the novel aproach is to simply state where i see myself going with this blog and where i would like to see it go. i do this instead because i do believe in not commiting the same errors from the past.

I.- The Template.

I made several templates for Bloggeratto, make no mistakes, i ended up liking none of them, one of my main problems is that in the new blogger you are no longer able to correctly manage the design of your blog as integral thing without it being live, that means not only the design of the layout and general theme, but a fully featured template with blog specific features and hacks. trying to pre-do all those changes is not only time consuming but ultimately fruitless unless you set up pre made content to go along with it.

Part of it is ,because when Blogger adopted Instant Publication instead of the reloading model we had before, preview mode got broken. you cannot longer preview a post that contain executing code without publishing it and correcting later, something i find a pain since i am not a talented coder at all so i commit lots of mistakes.

So, that is why i didn`t started with a new look this time around, i may try some other themes to kicks things out while i decide what i want to do but given the nature of the new blogger you are now gonna have to come along in the ride. so i hope you don`t mind having to see my stumbles too.

II.- The Direction of the Blog

If it is not broken, not change it comes to mind as a phrase that would be suitable here. the only thing i would add to it is that "keep it the same but scale the new in". that means that i will also resume the plans i had back then, and that was to conserve the Blogger Centric stance of the blog while looking at the other main platforms and general issues on the other blogs.

III.- The Content

One of my ideas from before bailing out still came along to today. and giving the situation where i find that me posting about old stuff as if it were news is completely out of the question, but at the same time i find myself cringing about all the important and relevant stuff i didn`t posted in all this time i was away, so i will resurrect the idea of Retro-Posting.

I will explain what that entails at full detail later but the quick explanation of it is that the whole year i was away in worth of post will appear into the archives of the blog as if i had actually posted them, the only giveaway will be a tag line at the end that will indicate that the content was retro-posted into the blog.

What is the point of it?. i find the idea amusing. interesting and as a way to bend the rules of not only posting but what constitutes blogging to my liking, after all, i do know that a search engine records will start counting a blog age from the first time content from certain url was indexed into it., it will keep a record from that moment and all later references are usually based on the dates indicated in the posts plus a time of indexation, the latter is the one i see matters the most.

So, given there is a full disclosure to my readership of what i am doing,i see no harm been done into it. and it will bring calm to my Obsessive- Compulsive side of my mind.

It will also bring traffic of course, i am not pretending such a thing is not also the point of trying this experiment.

Other things as new post threads will appear as the order of time, ideas and news present to me, so, the only thing i can hope is people will tag alone and read the blog.


Taoski said...

Nice to see you back old chum!
Keep it up!

Blogger is not dead yet!

Avatar said...


Yeah, it is not dead and i think it will still thrive around, so i am all for it.

Andra said...

Thanks for your blog. I stumbled upon it while looking for blogger tips. I've just created a link and posted a credit to you on my blog andragy.com.

I love your retro posting idea, as I'm doing something similar as I try to resurrect various bits of past blogs. I've also followed through to Widget Box.

Please keep up the hard work so that I can reap the benefits, regards, Andra

Avatar X said...

Thanks Andra. I do thing the idea has legs.

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