Feb 14, 2008

I am glad the Bloggger Team is not losing the pace and got to release updates and fixes to Blogger in January and February. i hope they still got lots of the same for the whole year.

it sure would make the evolving of Blogger encouraging to endure and experience.

  • Streamlined Commenter Identity Options
  • Four new Transliteration Options
  • Comment Pagination every 200 comments.
  • Layout and Template blog Distinction in Dashboard


  • Fixed Persina Translations and BiDi layout issues
  • Corrected Label Counts
  • Almost Full Safari 3 support
  • Editor Speed Boost
  • Better International Dashboard Settings.
  • Picasa’s BlogThis! support corrected.
  • Comment Pagination exclusive of the new Blogger (v3.0)
  • New Photo Upload into Header and Picture "Shrink to Fit" don`t work.

All in all a decent upgrade, i hope the next ones focus on enhancing the comment system even further while they work in new features for the summer (hopefully)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, because we all get over 200 comments, don't we?

And why aren't they working to make templates XHTML valid (strict or transitional).

And I'm surprised your first post is on Valentine's day ... :P

DarkUFO said...

There is a bug with the 200 comments :(

If you view the post page it only shows the first 200 and no more :(

TonNet said...

Glad to see you took on Blogger updates precisely on Feb 14th! Congrats.

Avatar said...

@Aditya: just my thinking, i can only think of 10 Blogs in Blogger that get over 100 comments by posts, so i think it should be paginated every 100 comments instead of 200, i bet they will lower it to 100 or even 50 later.

And what first post?, this was my fifth post..


Not surprised at all, Blogger new features never work right at the first go, give it a week.


Well, considering my dislike of the very day.. it is like any other day for me.

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