Feb 15, 2008

This is one is weird, because after writing about Widgets for some months now (Widgets Lab)
i truly could not imagine or anticipate this new Blogger Gadget (Page Element) because of a simple reason: It should have been available years ago!

I mean, seriously, it really could have been introduced when The New Blogger (v3.0) launched. not only because it was possible to have it, but because we cannot trust the "Next Blog" button in the Blogger navbar, or the Blogger navbar itself for it to be visible at all times for that matter ;) .

But ok, a Dynamic BlogRoll, that is still a good thing, more in the way they have implemented since it will share Google Juice (gRank) to your favorite Blogs and if other has your in their Blog Lists that Google Juice benefits your blog.

And you can import directly from Google Reader if you happen to be a user of it for Extra Commodity.

"You add blogs to your Blog List by entering blog or feed URLs directly, or by importing subscriptions from Google Reader. When you add by URL, Blogger will attempt to detect an Atom or RSS feed for it in order to show post and update information. If none is found, the blog will still be added to the Blog List, just as a simple link."

Beyond what i have written and quoted, here are the bullet points:

  • Blog List is parsed in HTML, that is why placing it wil pass Google Juice to other unlike JS
  • Will take favicon if found in Home Directory, No support for linked ones yet
  • Do not play to much with your Blog List or you will cause cache bugs in your blog, if so, reinstall.
  • If feed is not found via domain link, submit feed link directly.
  • Blog List can only be modified by Admins, more adjustments to Blog Lists to come.

The Blog List looks pretty much like the Recent Comments Hacks but with Blogs, so i know many will also think that this Blogger Gadget (Page Element) is not worth it, but the fact it is parsed in HTML and you can enjoy a super simple set up with some customization in the horizon is worth to have so, load in your Blogger Draft homepage and add it away.

Via Blogger In Draft


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