Feb 19, 2008

Oh my, i think Pete Hopskins from Blogger must be drinking while working again because he says people from the Philippines (Filipinas en Español, because they named the country in Honor of Felipe el hermoso) speak Filipino. i guess that means i Speak Mexican and not Spanish. how blind i have been!

But obviating Pete serious drinking problem under working hours, the good news is that all my fellow Pinoy friends can now not only end their sentences with "Po" (when possible) like when they write in Tagalog. but they now can do it in their own Localized version of Blogger.


And am glad they recognized Philippines needed support, it has one of the most vibrant Blogger Based Blogging Communities right now.

Like i said it got some Pinoy friends and i am even making a trip over there, so i am not just saying it just because saying. they do have a huge Blogger Based Blogging Community.

Blogger now in Filipino via Blogger Buzz

*Update*: yes, i do know i am being way too sarcastic, cynic and ironic for my own good. it is part of a sense of humor.

*Update 2*;  i posted a clarification here


Ryan said...

Filipino is the English translation of Tagalog.

They're just the same.

Avatar said...

i know, read the update note. ;)

Aileen Apolo said...

We indeed have a very active blogging community - nationwide!

Filipino is our national language, Tagalog is just one of the many dialects we have =)

Avatar said...

@ Aileen apolo:

as with Ryan, i have cleared out that doubt in my update note.

but thanks for visiting.

Filipinayzd said...

"Tagalog" has become a slang for Filipino.

Avatar said...


that makes no sense, i mean, i know what you mean but i find that weird.

i do have added a new post entry clearing up my stance on the whole

Tagalog-Filipino ordeal.

Thanks for visiting.

kapitan blogger said...

I remember my teacher in grade one saying that Filipino pertains to the "people" and PILIPINO is the language.

hybrid said...

On the growing online pinoy community blogs out on the net you can never really count them. Even the expats are having a go on it.

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