Feb 15, 2008
The History and Story

Retro-Posting is an old, old idea i had in the late 2005 where i wondered how a blog written in back and forth in time would fare, would work and if that Blog could survive around and get indexed by Google just like any other blog.

In my TimeOut from this blog i managed to do that experiment and found that at first it didn`t worked very well, but later on it picked up indexation like any other blog, the reason for this was several adjustments Google has done to its search engine in the past year or so where, it gives more juice based on freshness and proof of content.

That means Google got fast enough to index a blog post in a manner of 90 seconds if that blog or site had enough Proof of content and Authority.

Proof of content seems to be the way Google filters Spam now and freshness at the same time and it is based on the lots of the same SEO-SEP rules that started with Google about a blog post having to be of certain length, format and not pass beyond a certain number of links in one post or conform to a specific guidelines.

Many Popular Blogs do posts that would seem to others as link spam lists, how does Google knows the blog or site is not a Spam site?, by measuring Authority as a fact check. that way it knows what it is indexed is "good to be indexed content".

All of this is processed by the Google Search Engine in a mater of seconds. but one could not expect less of a search engine that got dozens of billion of dollars invested into it.

Yahoo Search rules and engine are the more Old School from the bunch and once you get to be indexed by it, it will index almost everything and it will adjust as time passes. no wonder it is faring so bad. also because it is quite hard for something to get indexed right in it in the first place too.

Live Search last update index things as fast as Google and does pretty much everything the Google Search Engine does, but it don`t counts with the Advertising backend or the reference data backend Google does but you can check that Live Search results are now very close to Google.

I have seen how Live Search behaves and i can make it index a post pretty easily now, but it is also interesting how it reacts to spam and you can get to see things erased almost everyday if you try some specific queries everyday to test that behavior.

The only thing Live Search Lacks is Marketshare, but it is picking up slowly, and if certain merger happens, it will pick up faster.

Opinions on that may still differ drastically , so it is just based on my experience.

The How

You will begin to see how the Archive of the blog starts to populate with posts if you visit often, the blogs populating the archive will be the post that i used to do and even posts that are a direct reflection to new post threads, etc.

These Posts will be Labeled normal but will be Tagged with a Technorati Tag and will also sport the Following Notice at the end of each post:


And will have a link to this very post that explains what that exactly means.

That way it is fully disclosed so no one feels i am mysteriously adding posts into the Bloggeratto archive.

The Why

I got many reasons to do so, but i can list the most important ones here:

  1. Why not?, there is nothing that tell me i cannot do it so
  2. It amuses me to do so
  3. While i was away i accumulated over 50 drafts, so that is also a good reason for those posts
    to do something useful instead of getting erased or discarded.
  4. I Should never had leaved this blog, it is my way to recovering the time lost.
  5. I will drive Traffic to the Blog.

So there you go, hope it makes sense.


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