Jan 3, 2008
It is incredible to think that i left this Blog interrupted for so long. at first i thought i was doing in the right thing by separating me from it. but i was wrong. and that is why i am here once again willing to do it all over again.

Will the blog be able to be better than before?; i think it will, things have changed quite a bit with Blogger while i was gone even if most of the limitations are still in place, so are the advantages and the chaotic freedom it offers.

And while most will not even remember this blog and almost all the people i knew that were active in the Blogger platform have left Blogger now or lay inactive, i still look forward to dwell into it and see who i can meet while doing so.

There is not much to say right now about where the blog will go but giving the letters and the poll i put here, i will find the balance of being Blogger centric and covering what is passing outside Blogger.

Thanks to the people that still keeps Bloggeratto in their Feedreader of choice (300) and those who visit daily (200) even when the blog was pretty much dead.

That was it, Bloggeratto Officially resumes to Active duty.


Efendi said...

all the young-guns are moving to wp :|

left only those veterans :P

so, hopefully you can bring the Blogger wave again this year :D

welcome back on board bro ^^

Anonymous said...

Welcome back my friend!

TonNet said...

Hey Avatar, stick to your guns.

alentejodive said...

Welcome back, Avatar.
I have you on my bloglist: "Blog tunning".

Hoctro said...

Welcome back, my friend! I'm just happened to lay inactive too the last year ...

Avatar said...


yes, the young guns are moving up to wordpress but on the other hand most of them they are not blogging daily,one could say they are weekly blogging in most of the cases.

Aditya is thing apart, but his new layout don`t makes sense to me at all. not even to mention his new blogging ways. but that is a a thing apart.


hey hans, great to see you active again too, and could you please e-mail me?, i don`t have your e-mail yet.


oh yes, i will, for better or worse i always have.


thank you very much.


yeah, well i have kept up with you and i can imagine how blood, work and country could have got in your blogging ways ;)

but nice to see you are back too.

i guess efendi is right, only vets remain at blogger.

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