May 11, 2008

Glad to see that Blogger is taking bug fixing and tweaking more seriously lately. i hope that is because they are preparing Blogger for this year Big Update and not just to justify that they indeed do something.

Having taken that into consideration here is the quoted resumed bug fixing and updating:

  • Layouts now has a blog.pageName datum that gives the name of the current page without the “[Blog Name]: ” prefix that blog.pageTitle adds.
  • Picture page element can now optionally link the picture to a URL.
  • Warnings and better handling of interrupted video uploads.
  • Pictures shot in burst mode on Sony Ericsson phones are now rotated correctly.
  • Blog URL now updates correctly when switching between Blog*Spot and FTP hosting.
  • Usability improvements to photo deletion workflow on the delete post page.
  • “Cancel” button on delete post page no longer has unnecessary
    quotation marks
  • Miscellaneous translation improvements.
  • Profile URLs and threading data are now available via Atom feed.

These bug fixes and updates were not for problems or needs that had weeks but months. so these are fixes and updates that must have been in the back burner. hence my remarks at the beginning of the post.

via Blogger Buzz


Michael Child said...

thanks but I don’t know if I got it right

Avatar said...


i think i don´t follow?.

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