May 11, 2008

If you are using Google Docs Presentations in your blog, you will be happy to know that you can now add multi-sized YouTube videos to them and also as multiple instances of them. now, that way you can embed them in your blog and people can either see them in your blog or in the Google Docs page of the presentation. if in your presentation you have put explaining notes along the video and they show to small inside the embedded presentation. there is not a problem now thanks to the video resizing option that will present the video at the full size of the slide or what would be a standard YouTube video Player size.

This new option in Google Docs embedded presentations could also serve as a way to save up space in your blog sidebar and yet have a way to offer multiple favorite videos that have a big landpage and that at your Blog Sidebar would occupy less space than lets say a Google Video Bar.

Also considering that you can still also add text and photos along your videos if you also need them considering your are using Google Docs.

Embedded Presentations

via Blogger Buzz and Google Docs Blog


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