May 11, 2008
I am finally going to do something i should have done in January and that is changing from to

The change should reflect from 48 to 96 hrs.

Looking forward to that.

*Update: edited

*Update 2: something went wrong with my domain vendor, will update when it gets finally done


TonNet said...

Thumbs Up!

Avatar said...


heh, thanks man.

The Hero said...

Just found your page, it's great. Already used your tip on hiding the navbar.

I've been trying to change my blog from to for months now! It won't do it and I can't figure out why. It seems simple enough, but when I do it on the publishing settings, it keeps giving me "page not found" once I save the settings.

I've successully gotten my to direct to the blog, but now I want the blog to show as (without the blogspot).

If you wouldn't mind addressing this, I'd appreciate it. I'm not sure if you'll run into the same problem or not. Good luck.

Avatar said...

@The Hero:

Well, i don´t have a problem with that, in this case it takes that long because i bought that domain in a no-console domain vendor, when there is a console i can have it running in 12-24hrs TOPS.

i have done it with over a dozen domains. ;)

but i bet that i know what the trouble is.

i hope you have seen this post already:

in Imp post there is a very funny note that i bet is your problem from what i have seen. if you can still figure it out. let me know.

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