Oct 30, 2009


While there has been a bit of time since the navbar mimalistic update, about a month ago also appeared a “Transparent Light” option. Now Blogger is making the release official and also adding a “Transparent Dark” option. Both are a clever attempt of pleasing as much people as possible doing the less amount of work on part of the Blogger Team.

Why?. Because while allows it blend it with a template theme color, it also makes it a little bit diffuse looking. Something that many are not going to like at all. So for those that are ok with that compromise. It will be a welcome update. Even i still don’t know why Blogger don’t lets you design your own color scheme for the navbar.  However i remember that someone had built a navbar changer that could be updated to that end. So i will look into that.

The other good news is that Blogger continues without issuing a statement for removing the Navbar. So everyone with a custom template can continue to rock it as they have done so far.

Here are the new Navbar Styles:

Transparent Light



Transparent Dark



They can be found at:

Blogger > Your Blog Dashboard > Layout > Navbar

I still hope that Blogger will eventually open up the blogger navbar for true customization so it can be easy to bear with.


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