Oct 21, 2009

Yeah, No need to check your eyes. Bloggeratto got a new template and it lives to the eerie look of the first one. The original one:


The original was a direct homage for Blogger since i insisted in built it up from the White Minima Template. That as you know is pretty much the most common template ever in all the world. At the of that template Categories in blogger didn’t existed, nor tags, nor labels, not blogger gadgets/widgets, no asynchronous search. elements like floating date timestamps and perfectly clean 3 column layouts were also custom. Yet Bloggeratto had it all. While only those who looked into the code of Bloggeratto back then would know. The template was called “Minimatic”.

That Template was done by me and Aditya Mukherjee.

This new one is called “Urban Snow” and it in itself a homage to Minimatic. With the distinction that there is no shared code of the Minima Template or any other template.

This one was built from zero with a program called Artisteer. So i at this point didn’t had to script or scrap out not even a line of code yet.  Artisteer is for Templates what SketchFlow-Blend is for Silverlight/WPF code. So i designed it, but it was generated by a App. It’s not that progress or what?

The template is still not finished since i have yet to heavily customize the details and has not been' “debugged”. But the design is pretty much final. The new Logo is not going to stay around forever but since it was done for Bloggeratto quite a long ago. I decided to put it to good use.


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