Oct 28, 2009


Before today, If you saw a Google Friend Connect Gadget in a blog, when you clicked the photo of a follower in that blog, It would load the details of that user within the blog gadget. This is no longer the case. No you will get each user detail in a Lightbox. Before you could also get the whole widget in a Lightbox by clicking the full screen icon in the gadget. Now this same mode is for all uses of the gadget.




At first i thought: “Oh, ok. So this is the new default mode. I guess they added the other mode as a option”. So i went to the layout settings of the Followers Gadget but there is nothing there. So this mode is now THE ONLY mode you can have. My problem with it is that it happens to be very slow in any browser that is not Google Chrome (1-3 seconds vs 3-10 seconds in other browsers). Maybe they decided to go this way to end the problems the previous version has on actually showing or making the transitions within the gadget frame. Something that happened often.

I still wish there was the option to have the other mode from the gadget layout settings. In the meantime i will start looking for a third party made Google Followers Gadget to see if they support this option.  But well now you know.




Kelly Brown said...

I have never liked Google Friend Connect and just don't use it, and this feature does not tempt me, especially with the browser issue. Everyone doesn't use Chrome.

Avatar X said...

Yes, i liked it better when it loaded details within the gadget.

Milton Ramirez said...

I can say I like it but since Google happens to handle almost everything now, I will stay for while with GFConnet.

Avatar X said...

@milton: i do like GFC. I don't like that they don't give me a choice on how to use it previously or originally there was a choice.

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