Oct 26, 2009

Bloggerato B

After i put myself to erase over a 1000 spamments and odd comments polluting the blog, i had the chance to look back to pretty much every post that has been publishing so far and those post i didn’t publish.

Doing so brought me lots of nostalgia about the good times when i started the blog and the months before i started it back in early 2006. The best part of that nostalgia is about the people i meet via this blog. Some of them i even still talk with and some other that either became preoccupied or changed too much (some not for good) and i no longer talk with them.

Until today only i know that Bloggeratto was actually a refresh of a blog i had before back in early 2003 that precedes FreshBlog merely by 3 months or so.  But i erased it in a tantrum even after i had already posted around 30-30something posts into it. I cannot for the life of me remember why.

That was a personal failure that i came to face 6 or so months later when i first saw FreshBlog up and running. Later on i decided to refresh the idea by making the blog better than the one i had before and Freshblog. I of course archived it and Bloggeratto was a mile better in many ways in how it focused hard on the community of those making hacks, mods and tweaks to blogger. And i still find it better than most blogs of its genre from its time up to early 2007 when Amanda Fazani (who i find truly amazingly good)  and Blogger Buster pretty much replaced Bloggeratto (in the same metaphorical way i replaced BlogFresh) after in another tantrum that i do remember but will not comment on closed Bloggeratto for public viewing for half a year. I tried to restart in mid 2007 and then in mid 2008 without finding the energy for it because i was already working on some other things.

Right now, I decided to share those little anecdotes and history bookmarks because i no longer fear or get angry about failure. I no longer care too much about satisfying some of the crazy whims i used to think about back then. The facts will remain on me failing to keep this blog going at those times when i should have done so. But then comes the fun part when i look back to the stuff that i chronicled being done and what i can see right now. Because of the new Blogger (v.3.0) that now it not new at all. I noted that the level of hacks right now are EXACTLY of the same level they were in 2006 because  of the general reboot that happened when the current Blogger was introduced. What did changed was that now Blogger got thousands of templates and that everything is now Blogger Gadget Powered, Related or Inspired. Then you got the third parties (startups mostly) that now offer widgets or addons to replace or improve any part of your blog.

Finally, that while Blogger is nowhere near where it should be. Google is now updating it often little by little and even if Wordpress now leads the pack in terms of features (and has done so for the last 2 years). Blogger continues to be Free, super easy to use, set up and customize. But more importantly is that now it is even less Spam/Hack prone than a hosted Wordpress blog and way way way easier to maintain (just use a excellent password). So there are now many reasons to use Blogger and now there is no way anyone using Wordpress or any other blog platform could say that Blogger don’t got pretty templates or that it lacks Plugins. And who needs a plugin system when you got a Gadget System and as many Widgets or services you want that can reproduce pretty much any useful integrated feature in any other blog platform?. That argument is passe.

It will take me at least a month to be able to edit and update every single blog post in the blog and make the template even better, But i am here for the long haul. Will not take it hard if you don’t believe me at this right now. I would not blame you if you know the history of the blog. You don’t have to believe me, just hope you give the blog a chance and that you find it useful to you.

Sorry for the strange rant, but i don’t think there was a more fitting way to restart this blog.

Welcome to Bloggeratto.


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