Nov 21, 2009

If you are using the dashboard or stopped using it because previous new features didn’t convinced you. Maybe better media handling will. It looks like Blogger is finally trying out seriously needed upgrade for those that use the Blogger Dashboard as it now will offer full Picasa integration in the Image Posting option and that you will also have a better looking dialog for when you want to use the Blogger Video Service and upload a movie into your posts.


The Image posting dialog will now let you:

Upload Pictures

  1. Add multiple Images
  2. Choose what Picasa Album you want to save the picture you are going to upload
  3. Choose a image from url and preview it in the same space before posting it.

Picasa Web Albums

  1. See all your Picasa Web Albums
  2. Choose any picture from any Picasa Web Album for image reuse
  3. Search a photo if you know the name or search for format.
  4. Choose a photo from a url

The video posting dialog will now let you

Upload Video

  1. Simplify the uploading of the video with a better selecting and uploading window.
  2. Mark it
  3. Post it

If you are thinking how on earth this was not already there or why it is still in the draft version of must be new here since you should know that Blogger works on its own special pace.

But at least the features are not finally there and that means they should be added to everyone soon.

Better Image Posting on "Blogger In Draft"  via Blogger In Draft



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