Nov 14, 2009

One the new improvements Blogger is touting  that is going to apply  soon will be in the Blogger Navbar by making the “Next Blog” button actually useful, instead of just a mere novelty as it has been since introduced.


So in order to do that, it will behave more like StumbleUpon does and will try to bring you similar Bloggers Blogs to the one where you first clicked the Next Blog Button.

In Your Language

The good thing about it is that it should bring you blogs only in your language or in a language you understand. If you are logged it should take the language settings as reference from your account, if you aren’t it should take the browser language.  This is the part that should pretty much always be accurate. That along is a improvement since before  if you clicked the Next Blog Button, you usually ended up in not only a random blog, but a random blog in a random language.

Within The Subject Of The Blogger Blog You Were On

The second part i guess would be trickier, If it is based on Labels. It should work very well, but many have done some serious Label abuse or lack labels completely and that could took you to pretty much to any blog. The other way is if Google is looking for specific keywords based on the blogs you clicked the Next Blog Button to take you to the next one and they get to be similar.  My guess is that it will be based on the Labels, Blog Title and Sub-Title. Only because i think the second option is harder to tune up and also because i doubt they would went with such a trouble for such a feature.

More Value Added To The Navbar, More Incentives To Keep The Blogger Navbar?

As i have said many times before. Blogger seem to be avoiding to make any clear statement on those who remove the Blogger Navbar. But may be instead looking for ways to make more and more Blogger users to keep it as the last updates have been centered on that. But like i also have said before. Unless they let you fully customize it, that is never going to happen effectively with the most prominent and most popular Blogger users. Still good they finally got around to update it.


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