Nov 9, 2009

 Bloggerato B

I decided i will return to covering them. After blogging about them for 2 years in Widgets Lab and previously to that Blogging about them sparsely on Bloggeratto for almost 1 year before the  2 years on Widgets Lab. I could be considered one of the few expert bloggers on the subject not working or developing them for a widget company. After all, i wrote around a 1000 blog posts on the subject and i have seen and tested thousands of them.

The Category for that will be “Embeds”. Otherwise you can look at the Labels for the specific words that i will keep separated according to source.

I do must note that there will be a cross posting of the widgets that make sense to review them in Appatic and those that make more sense to review them here. I will sort that out with weekly compendium posts in order to keep the cross pollination to a minimum.




Edwin said...

hi.. Nice blog

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