Nov 12, 2006

The recent development in the Blogger platform is now pointing at us with this new way of reducing the effort of Blogger users the work of having to add widgets to their blog to almost Zero responds to the nature of this new blogger itself.

The new template languague is really of a very different kind besides it being dynamic, after this past months checking the code of the hacks that came/come out every week and the blogger templaes as they are, i can see now, how the bigger picture completes on the concept of Blogger v3.0 being a widget funtinality driven template languague, that after getting used to it, it now seems almost as easy to modificate as Blogger v2.0 is with the difference that the basic stuff can be assisted now by Blogger as it is and also by the third party developers providing esay to spread widget of their servces to the Bloggerosphere.

This also post a new way to do things for The Bleet, this means that a lot of hacks can be addeds as a one click widget for Blogger, something that really should explode the spread for a determined Bleet widgetizing.

The questions continues to be how widgets can be stadarized in a way that gets to benefit all just for starters.


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