Nov 24, 2006

I got to test Plugoo almost a month ago and i was very impressed with the service at the moment i tried it:

It is the simplest, well designed,more straight forward and lightest Flah based Chat Embedable i had seen.

Ad mon top of that one of the prettiest and more enjoyable minimalistic websites i have seen in the web 2.0 scene.

And today one month later it still is.

Plugoo supports One-To-One chat with your visitors and offline/busy status messages that you can choose to recive either in your E-mail or in the IM service account.

Because that is the unique twist this service have, you can use your regular Im client (yahoo,MSN and Gtalk) or your prefered Web Multi IM and be able to recive the messages of your readers that way.

The only installation it required besides adding the flash code to your blog is that you add the Plugoo Bot Chat provider as your friend in your selected IM service.

Yeah, i know what you are thinking: "that sounds awesome"

It has a catch, and that catch is the deal breaker for me:

The chat is not only a one-on-one chat, it is a One-At-Once Chat.

You are only able to chat with one reader at a time, if you are chatting with a reader the plugoo will show as busy for the other visitors, if they send you a message, depending on your selection, it will be forwarded to your E-mail or will be put on hold until you end your ongoing conversation at that moment.

But if you are a very low traffic Blog it is a good option since it the client is so light and well adjustable that you will get in love with it´s simplicity.

I just hope it would support one-on-one multiple visitor Chat, that sure would make me forget about MeeboMe for the time being.

So please, Pluggo, fix that, i loved the concept. may i suggest a Clone Sequence for multiple Visitor one-on-one chats, thisw sequence was used by a lot of people years ago, it consisted in replicating yourself in someone IM account.

The start up is based in some part of france and it is still in Private Beta, you can as for a account at the site if you are interested in it:



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