Nov 12, 2006

Yep, Ramani is back.

And with the very recent development of One Click Widget Aggregation for Blogger v3.0 outed by Phydeaux3, i guess Ramani was looking for something to test this new knowledge and also add a litte service for his ever growing up list of Bloggerosphere services at the same time.

So, he took Annie Bluesky Random Quote Generator Mod and made a one click version widget of it.

So, now you can have this funtionality in your template with just one click.

How is that for convenient?

Random message widget (no Edit HTML!)


Aditya said...

Hehe! :P I have a better way ...

Why not use the RSS from one of the quotes sites, which change the quote of the day and release it as an RSS, and syndicate that into a widget?

That way, you'll have a new quote everyday, and you won't need pre-feed your quotes! :)

Avatar said...

I have been thinking in that to replace other thing, but of course it could also work for this.

the only thing is how often they want it rotate or change quotes and what quotes..

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