Nov 30, 2006
There are times when the same idea gets into the mind of several individuals, and when that happens is becuase it´s a good idea, so it´s logical the idea gets developed into something.

And that is what happened after the JSON support news broke loose. 3 of the main Players in the Bleet, took upon it and decided that the first thing to do should be a new Recent Comment Widget, here are the results:

One Liners Recent Comments Widget

Hoctro went first and so fast that the rest really could only check it up first.

Hoctro aproach is a non-complicated one, consisting of a one liners widget with the first words of the recent comments left in a blog, this make it more like a focus call, for the any visitor, since you are required to read part of the comment itself without much more knowing than that.

Blogger Hack: Recent Comments/Posts Beta Widget using JSON feeds

Customizable Recent Comments Widget

Ramani Followed Suit and made his own Recent Comment Widget making it easier to anyone get more into it and customize it under two parameters:

1.-Numbers of Comments to display
3.-Numbers of Letters to display in the excerpt of each Comment

Ramani Widget count with one beneficial size, he provides it as a service, so if anything happens he can update them without you needing to reinstall it.

Customizable recent comments widget (using JSON feed)

One Click Customizable Recent Comments Widget

And then, there is Hans, who took what Ramani Had done and took it even further to make it as good as possible, and not only that, it is also Automatic since Hans Converted it into a One Click Widget, wich elevated the cool factor of Hans version so much, that even Ramani applied Hans version to his blog.

And what more proof of it being the best you want?

Go to this post to know the details behind the widget:

Customizable Recent Posts Widget

And Go to this post For The Installation Page where you can find the one click widget button:

Widget Installation and Downloads Page

The only question that remains is could it get cooler than this?

Sure it can....but that is a another story i will share later on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Avatar,

I love your reporting style, always get underneath the surface of current hacking events!!!

And more, I'm anxiously waiting for your take on what could develop more as this. Of course, I have a grand scheme of things linking together and even make our blogs look more like a newspaper with many small summaries of articles, rather than a blog. But I'd like to see your prediction on this JSON.

I'm taking a big break, not that I don't have any new hack ideas in mind, but I'm into making templates, and plan to release a batch of 10 at a time :) So I have tons of time now to visit around our little Bata hacking community.


Anonymous said...

Hi Avatar,
Your wishes will come true. I upgraded the Recent Posts widget with the choice between a standard lay-out, and a user-defined css-layout. It gets cooler and cooler!

Avatar said...


Thanks for the kind words, i also like your Open Letter style of narrating your hacks... that is quite unique.

Well, most of my take has been already tackled by Hans, he is just that fast.

Now, on the development of jason, i do have several ideas of what could be donde, i know that a lt of the most intricated Json development could come from singpolyma and from aditya, since they love it. and to what could be developed, i think i am gonna make a post with that something along the lines of:

Bleet Development Call

just to toss some of the idea, and if they are doable to the community,etc.

i did noticed your interest in template tweaking, i await to see what you do in the layout design part.

And you taking a break for it great, that will recharge your energies, change of scenarios are always good to focus.


My god Hans, you really have already tackled most of what i thought it could be done.

I admire your determination to use the one click aproach as muchas possible, i think that is the way to go for widget development, and module funtions. the problme will still be more complicated hacks that alter the working of the blog themselves.

But the json support will be also helpful to that, i think that the perfevct combination should be aproaching the things like Ramani does, and serving what can be served as hosted scripts, this too can hold tru not only for the javascript but for the css as well in the cases that are possible or correct to do so.

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